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Friday, January 16, 2009


I did not realise that a virtual life could become every bit as hectic as real life. It came to me today that the only way to keep up is to write a list lol...

18 months ago I started on a journey to discover my past, completely unaware at the time how absorbing and fascinating this would be. Along the way I have become aquainted with family both far and near, many that I regularly email.

Last August I was invited to write a tutorial for the new PaintshopPro Photo magazine. It was both scary and exciting. I was then invited to look after the Tips and tricks section. This included two pages on improving and creating an effect on a readers photo, and two pages of tips and tricks for Psp. I was so sad when after only 8 editions, Imagine publications dropped the magazine. From a personal point of view, I felt, and I know others did, that it was not aimed at the right market. That said writing for the magazine was a fantastic experience.

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